"Everyday in which you do not disobey Allah is a day of Eid."
— Imam Ali (as)

I always tell God about you.
I always tell him how much
I love you,
and how I feel blessed
because of your presence in my life.
I also tell Him that you always remind me of Him.

✎Hadeia Adel.

Eid would be beautiful,
if you were here with me.
But I’m not worried
because you are always
in my heart.

✎Hadeia Adel.

Since we stopped talking,
I’ve become like
a dry flower.

It kills me every night
and every morning.

You need to break your silence, otherwise this dry flower will turn into ashes.

✎Hadeia Adel.

"You have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are."
— The fault in our stars.

Whenever you’re around,
your smell makes me feel
that I am already in heaven.

✎Hadeia Adel.

Questioni love your blog and your writings, truly beautiful xxxxx Answer

Thank you so much for your beautiful words. ❤
Have a blessed day.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionAre u shia? Answer

Lol. I can’t believe people ask me this question in this account too. Ramadan Kareem.

Not everyone you love,
will love you back
So stop hurting yourself
by loving someone ‘too’ much.

✎Hadeia Adel.

"She loves how he has always
reminded her
of Allah,
and asked her
to do good."
— Hadeia Adel