"Love someone who knows your imperfections,
but still loves you.
Love someone who helps you to be a better person.
Love someone who helps you to get closer to your Lord.
Love someone who cares about you.
Love someone who understands
your silence more than
your words.
Love someone who wants you to be their life partner.
Love someone who is proud to introduce you to his family.
Love someone who chooses you as a first option.
Love someone who makes you feel secure and happy when they are around.
Love someone who won’t make you lay in bed at night crying over pain was caused by them.
Love someone who always encourages you to do new things, even if he’s not interested in.
Love someone who appreciates everything you do for them.
Love someone who’ll fall in love with you everyday, even when your hair turns grey."
— Hadeia Adel.

(He’s leaving)

I said, I love you.

He replied,
‘I love you too.
this is all I needed to hear from you ‘

Then I smiled,
and left.

— Memories, by Hadeia Adel.

I love you as much as the number of stars in the sky,
multiplied by the number
of grains of sand of the seas
in the world.

✎Hadeia Adel.


You caused pain
to her pure soul.
Her soul started bleeding
and it’s gotten many
wounds and aches.

She wishes she could stop thinking about you
and extract the love
she has for you
from her heart.

She cries silently,
so no one knows the weakness
you caused to
her soul.

— Hadeia Adel.
Anonymous Asked
QuestionInstead of saying Ya Allah you are saying Ya Hussain ?! You are smart please think wisely and follow Allah and his book dont insult Prophet Mohammed's wife dont be like the other Shia. Love your posts ❤️ Answer

God, I’ve never insulted any of the Prophet’s wives.
Glad you like them. Eid Mubarak ❤

QuestionAsalamu'alikum is it OK if I share your poems on my Instagram sis? :) Answer

Yep, sure you can :)

Is there a break for Palestinians on Eid?

Will blood run again
in the rocks(yes not hearts)
of the Zionists and feel kind of humane?

Will the the world take any action against this horrible genocide that is happening against the people in Gaza?

Will the Arab leaders do anything, or they’ll be having meat, rice, and biscuits while there’re rivers of spilled blood in Gaza?

Will they have new outfits for Eid or just white grave clothes?

Is there a break for Palestinians on Eid?
✎Hadeia Adel.

"Everyday in which you do not disobey Allah is a day of Eid."
— Imam Ali (as)

I always tell God about you.
I always tell him how much
I love you,
and how I feel blessed
because of your presence in my life.
I also tell Him that you always remind me of Him.

✎Hadeia Adel.

Eid would be beautiful,
if you were here with me.
But I’m not worried
because you are always
in my heart.

✎Hadeia Adel.